Dry Cleaning / Laundry Steam Pressing
Shirt, Batik, Baju Melayu Top, Pants, Shorts, T-Shirt, Sweater (S) 10.50 5.50
Blazer, Coats, Jackets, Jubah, Sampin, Sarong 18.00 9.00
Set of Baju Melayu, Pyjama, Security Uniform 22.00 11.00
2pc Suits, Punjabi, Sherwani, Cheongsam 28.00 14.00
Winter Jacket, Over Coat, 2pc Suits & Cheongsam Sequin *(Min) 30.00 15.00


Dry Cleaning / Laundry Steam Pressing
Shirt, Blouse, Baju Kurung Top, Pant, Short & Long Skirt, Shawl (S) 10.50 5.50
Blazer, Short Dress, Cardigan, Woolen Shawl (L) 18.00 9.00
Set of Baju Kurung, Kebaya, Chudidar, Salwar 22.00 11.00
Plain – Evening Dress, Long Dress, Gown, Cheongsam, Saree 28.00 15.00
Fancy or Sequin – Long Dress & Wedding Dress, Cheongsam, Saree *(Min) 40.00


Dry Cleaning / Laundry Steam Pressing
Cap, Hat, Tie, Gloves, Scarf 10.00
Handkerchief, Sock set, Inner Garments 5.00
Sweater (L), Swimming Suit 20.00 10.00

Leather Care

Cleaning / Laundry
Leather – Blazer, Coat, Jacket *(Min) 60.00
Leather Hand Bag, Shoe, etc *(Min) 75.00


Dry Cleaning / Laundry Steam Pressing
Pillow Sham & Case 7.00 3.50
Carpet (Machine Made) Per Sq ft 6.00
Carpet (Hand Made) Per Sq ft, Cushion Cover (S), Towel (M) 8.00
Cushion Cover (M), Chair Cover, Towel (L) 8.00
Bed Sheet, Quilt Cover, Table Runner, Rug, Bathrobe, Table Cloth (M) 15.00 8.00
Bed Cover, Slip Cover, Table Cloth (L), Pillow (S), Sleeping Bag (S), Comforter Cover 18.00
Curtain, Cushion, Chair, Sofa Covers per Kg *(Min) 23.00
Comforter, Blanket, Mattress, Sleeping Bag (L), Pillow (L), Toys & Dolls *(Min) 25.00 – 40.00
Sheer Curtain per Kg *(Min) 30.00

Our mission to make you dress up with confidence comes with a small price, and it differs from fabric to fabric. Take a look.


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