Hand Wash

There is always a special care attached to hand-handled clothes. The individual care and love poured into each cloth will stand out at the other end when you receive the cleaned clothes. Now to do this, we need adequate experts on the field who can do the tiresome job in time. Luckily at Mr. White, we not only have a team of experts in house who do the honors but passionate partners spread across who value your clothes just the way you do and hand wash your clothes to flawlessness.

One big advantage of hand-washed clothes is the gentle care they receive rather than the tumble-dry process that might affect certain types of textile fabric. At Mr. White, we make sure to segregate these type of fabrics that need special attention and hand-wash them. In addition to this, some clothes are hand-washed and then subjected to the machine dry cleaning process in case of hard stains.

Be it any kind of fabric it to us, we will make sure it receives the complete care in the promised turn-around time.


Our mission to make you dress up with confidence comes with a small price, and it differs from fabric to fabric. Take a look.


Any Queries?

It is fine to have queries, for we are here to iron it out for you. Reach out to us for any clarification. Mr. White is happy to help!