Dry Cleaning

Not all the clothes can be wet cleaned. And when we say Dry cleaning, it is not that it is a ‘dry method’, but just that instead of the usage of water, we will be using detergents and solvents that are good to remove the stains from a variety of fabrics. Basically when there is a lot of embedded dirt or stain present in your cloth, then dry cleaning is the way to go to get rid of it to the last trace. Thanks to the advanced technology practices we have at Mr. White, the dry cleaning system involves a selective usage of water and a carefully curated addition of mild solvents that won’t damage your clothes but do the duty perfectly.

In fact, dry cleaning also involves a considerable usage of hand washing before being subjected to the machine wash. The machine will then do the needful to remove the second layer stains off the fabric. After a clean wash that will not only separate the stains & dirt, but also any residues of detergents and solvents used.

Usually, dresses like suits, jackets or coats are dry-cleaned. Well, we prefer you to leave that part to us, as we will decide precisely what should be dry cleaned and what should not be. Sit back and relax as we deliver your clean and comfy dry-cleaned clothes at your doorstep.

Our mission to make you dress up with confidence comes with a small price, and it differs from fabric to fabric. Take a look.


Any Queries?

It is fine to have queries, for we are here to iron it out for you. Reach out to us for any clarification. Mr. White is happy to help!